AudioJoG(TM) Pro Operations Manual

METHOD 2 - Automatic Double Ended
This method uses the AudioJoG(TM) Pro 5's internal MEMORY to test against a cables details
held in memory.

1. Follow the Method 1 instructions until the test completed stage with either both or just the local
screen LED's on.

2. Press and hold the Test button until the MEMORY
(yellow) LED comes on.

Release the Test button will cause the tester to run through
all the connections and store them in MEMORY.

After a few seconds the display should show the Pass
(green) and MEMORY (Yellow) LED's. If the Fail LED is on
then there is probably an intermittant connection in the

3. Plug in the cable to be tested using the same
connector(s) and locations as before.

4. Press and release the TEST button.If all is well the Pass
LED will turn ON, remove the cable. To test another cable
repeat steps 3 & 4.

5. To clear the MEMORY either, switch OFF and then ON
again or, press and hold the test button until the MEMORY



6. If the FAILED LED turns ON, then the AudioJoG(TM) Pro 5
has found a difference between the cable details in
memory and the current cable. The numbered and screen
LED's will stop at the error stage. Examples of failures

a) A short was found, on the lower connector, where no
connection existed before (Fig8.)



b) An open connection was found, usually indicated by a
single LED (Fig9).






c) A short to SCREEN, this may be indicated by one, or
both the screen LED's being ON in conjunction with another
pair of LED's (Fig10).






d) A short between two adjacent pins which have connections
at both ends of the cable (Fig11).




7. Press the TEST button to proceed, if there are more failures the test will stop at each and everyone of them, finally only the FAILED and MEMORY LED's will be ON.To test another cable repeat steps 3 & 4.

8. Press and hold until the MEMORY LED flashes will put the tester into method 3 for detecting
intermittent faults, see next chapter, holding the TEST button down until all the LED's go out will
reset the tester putting it nto method 1 the same as switching off and on.



METHOD 1 - Manual Double Ended

METHOD 3 - Automatic Double Ended Intermittent

METHOD 4 - Manual Single Ended

METHOD 5 - Automatic Single Ended

LED/Connector pin identification table

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