AudioJoG(TM) Pro 5 Operations Manual

METHOD 4 - Manual Single Ended
This method uses two AudioJoG cable testers, one at each end of the cable. One unit is set to
'Remote' the other to 'Local', testing is carried at the 'Local' end This method of test ONLY

1. Set up the Remote end first by pressing and holding
The Test button whilst switching the tester on. Plug the cable
under test in the appropriate socket on the 'Remote' side of
the unit.

2. When you see only the Remote and local LED's still on
release the Test button.
3. The Remote LED will go out. Pressing the Test button
Now switches between Local and remote.

4. Select remote, then press and hold the Test button until
The remote LED goes out.

5. Release the Test button. The tester is now ready to
Receive and send information to the Local unit.

6. Set up the Local end by pressing and holding the Test button whilst switching the tester on. Plug the cable under test in the appropriate socket on the 'Local' side of the unit.

7. Release the Test button, the remote LED will go out.

8. The Local LED should be on. Press the Test button again and release it as soon as Pin 1 on the local side starts sending information to the other end, this is indicated by the LED flashing. If there is a connection to pin 1 at the other end then the result will be seen at the Remote side of the Local unit and Pin 1 will light on the Local and Remote sides at the Remote end (Fig 13 & 14).

9. Press and release the Test button, the test pin will move onto the next one.

10. Repeat step 8 until the local screen LED is lit.


This is the end point for the visual test procedure, AudioJoG(TM) Pro can not decide for you whether the results are correct or not. Then either:-


Press and release the TEST button to clear the display and take you back to step 6.

Or see next chapter for how to automatically test cables against details held in memory.



METHOD 1 - Manual Double Ended

METHOD 2 - Automatic Double Ended

METHOD 3 - Automatic Double Ended Intermittent

METHOD 5 - Automatic Single Ended

LED/Connector pin identification table

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