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The RibbonJoG Cable Tester is a versatile ribbon cable tester. It allows the user to either identify a correctly made standard ribbon cable, or carry out rapid comparison tests having stored known good cable details.

Cables fitted with any of the following connectors may be checked:

10 Way     14 Way     16 Way     20 Way     26 Way
34 Way     40 Way     50 Way     60 Way     64 Way

RibbonJog ribbon cable testers technical information:

Continuity (end to end), less than 4.7k ohms
Short Circuits (end to end and between connected pins) less than 4.7k ohms
Open Circuits (end to end and between connected pins) greater than 10k ohms
Less than 5 seconds test time
Minimum distance between connectors of same size only 130mm
Non-volatile memory feature
L 290mm W 143mm D 50mm
Uses 4 x AAA battery (not supplied)

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